request form

If you or a passenger you are travelling with is unable to travel due to the passing away or illness of a passenger or immediate family member, you may wish to make a compassionate request. Unless otherwise stated, bookings are non refundable and limited changes are permitted, charges apply. However, at our discretion we may be able to offer you some additional options for your booking.

In order to ensure we can consider your request appropriately, please complete the form below with supporting documentation.

In the case of illness, by submitting this request you confirm that you have the consent of the ill person for Jetstar to collect and assess the information.

Once you submit your request, we will consider your circumstances and provide an outcome at our discretion. We will endeavour to process your request within 15 business days and notify you of the outcome on the email address or phone number provided.

Requirements for supporting documentation

Passenger or immediate family member has passed away

If a passenger or immediate family member has passed away, a death certificate or funeral home letter on letterhead is required.  Newspaper clippings are not sufficient proof in order for us to consider your request.

Illness of passenger or immediate family member

A medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner on letterhead, must be submitted with the following info:

1. The passenger or immediate family member’s name

2. The dates that the passenger is unable to travel or dates of illness for the immediate family member

Important note:  The dates must match the flight dates/travel period of your Jetstar flights for your request to be considered.

Serious illness

A serious illness is when a passenger is unable to travel for a period of at least 6 months.  This must be listed on a medical certificate on letterhead by a registered medical practitioner.

Immediate family members

Immediate family members are considered: Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Husband, Brother, Wife, Sister, De Facto Partner, Brother/Sister In-Law, Grandparent, Mother/Father In-Law, Grandchildren.

For requests involving immediate family members, you must provide a description of the relationship to the person who is ill or has passed away in the comments section.